11 Rules to Eating Healthier

Micheal Pollan’s philosophy can be pretty much summed up with: Eat Food, not too much. Mostly Plants. Here are some “rules” to help you achieve that.

photo provided by: Freefoto.com

1. Don’t eat anything your grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.
2. Avoid foods containing ingredients you can’t read.
3. Don’t eat anything that won’t eventually rot.
4. Shop in the peripherals of the grocery store, stay out of the middle.
5. Better yet shop at local, organic health food stores or straight from the farmer.
6. Pay more for better food, eat less
7. Eat a wide variety of colors everyday.
8. Only eat animals that are free-range, if any at all.
9. Cook, and if you can grow your own food.
10. Eats meals and only eat them at the table.
11. Appreciate and enjoy your food. (it actually helps with digestion)

Seems like common sense but keep these in mind when you prepare your next meal.
You can pick up a great book called In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen.

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