Top 5 Ways to Prevent a Hangover

With New Year’s Eve only a few days away I thought it would be a good idea to list a few of the top ways to avoid a hangover.

1. EAT FOOD – Alcohol is the greatest anti-nutrient we can put in our bodies therefore by drinking we can get depleted of the necessary nutrients our bodies needs. The presence of food in the stomach helps decrease the concentration of alcohol by diluting it. This will slow down the absorption of the alcohol and allow your body more time to metabolize harmful toxins. The next day by eating something easily digestible that is healthy, we can help regain essential amino acids that have been lost. Try eating something like yogurt, bread, or crackers to also help calm your stomach.

2. DRINK WATER – Before, during and after. Especially right before bed drink as much water as you can without feeling water logged.

3. STICK TO ONE DRINK – Mixing alcohols, sugars (juices, pop, etc.) Our bodies metabolize and digest different alcohols at different speeds cause that’s what it needs to do to properly eliminate the toxins. When we mix drinks we may unknowingly digest alcohols that need more time in our stomach.

4. MULTIVITAMIN – By taking a multi vitamin supplement you can increase the amount of nutrients in your body therefore not allowing any deficiencies to happen due to a night of binge drinking.

5. And last but not least REST – make sure the day of and the day following a “night out” you have plenty of rest. Your body and brain will be more ready to deal with the consequences of having one to many.

Keep these in mind and remember drinking and driving is NEVER an option.

Have tons of fun on New Years!!
Happy Holidays


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