10 ways to reduce your impact on our environment.

1. Reduce – This one is easy to do. Think about what you are doing.. If you are making tea for one, use one cup of water not 6. Also, try to buy things that are not in several layers of plastic. Pay attention. it’s amazing what you will notice when your eyes are open.

2. Reuse – Donate everything you don’t want. This gives someone else a chance to use the things you don’t want, without having to go buy new. Another good way is to try and buy reusable items. Use cloth bags for groceries instead of getting 20 plastic ones every time you go to the store.

3. Recycle – It seems to me people are just too lazy when it comes to recycling. Dedicate a small corner to your recycling and stick with it. Click here to find what and where you can recycle in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Each city/town would have their own but are very easy to find by simply calling your city hall or finding it online.

4. Use environmentally friendly products – Surprisingly enough they have came a long way. You can get nice smelling, good quality products that are both safer for you and your family but also not harmful to the environment. A good local company is Down East. Look for ingredients like dyes, scents/fragrances, EDTA, petroleum solvents, phthalates, Sodium Lauryl, and especially parabens which have been proven to be cancer causing.

5. Shower Time – This one is probably one of the hardest for me but keep in mind that every minute you are in the shower you are using approximately 4-6 gallons of water. You are literally pouring our natural resources down the drain. Try cutting your shower time in half, or even reducing it by a couple minutes. Every little bit helps. Try a new shower head, they are still great and can cut your water consumption in half!

6. Toilet Flushing – It may seem a bit odd at first but try this old rhyme my great grandmother used to preach. If you pee let it be, if it’s brown flush it down. Each person uses approximately 9000 gallons of water just from flushing. It wont cause any harm to your toilet by being flush selective. 🙂

7. Get comfy warm house wears – Instead of cranking up the heat try first putting on a nice warm comfy sweater and some slippers. Home heating and cooling systems account for over 150 Million tons of greenhouse gases. If everyone does their part we could dramatically reduce this number.

8. Garden – Have a garden in the summer, this not only reduces your grocery bill, but will get you out moving in the summer and there is a great satisfaction that comes with eating something you have grown in your own soil with your own hands. If you live in an apartment or do not have the space for a garden trying growing in pots.

9. Transportation – Car pooling, taking the bus or riding a bike have become very popular methods of transportation. Try it out, if you cannot stand it you can always go back to your old ways but it’s worth a try to reduce greenhouse gases.

10. Be aware – Think before you buy, turn up your heat, jump in the car to go one block to the store. There are sooo many ways you can contribute to saving our planet and saving yourself some money.

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