Dry Skin?

So it’s right around the time of year here in Atlantic Canada that your skin is starting to get really dry. Here are a few things you can do to help reduce the itchy, flakey, dry skin.

Eliminate all Trans fats. Things like Chips, french fries, anything deep fried will compete with the good fats in your stomach for absorption so even if you are getting a proper intake of healthy fats (Omega 3’s and 6’s) the chances of them being absorbed and properly used in your body are slim to none.

Increase water intake – Ideally you should be drinking 8-10 glasses of water, especially if you are having dry skin this is very important.

Increase good fats – Fish, Avocados, almonds and most nuts, Butter (never use margarine), and Olives.

Deficiencies in Vitamin A and Vitamin B are known to cause dry skin as well so make sure you are getting adequate amounts of both.

For the ladies one little tip i’ve found is to use lotion to shave your legs. I find this makes a big difference.

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