Do you have a sugar sensitivity? Take my free assessment.

Assessment Form
For Sugar Sensitivity

Answer each positive response
with a check mark.

❏ 1. Are you overweight although you don’t eat more than your slimmer friends?
❏ 2. Have you tried weight loss diets only to loose little or no weight?
❏ 3. Do you work out but see little or no result for your efforts?
❏ 4. Do you eat high carbohydrate and low fat but still struggle to loose weight?
❏ 5. Do you feel that you are obsessed with food – consistently thinking about it?
❏ 6. Do you have compelling cravings for starches, such as bread, pasta, rice or potatoes or for snack foods such as chips or popcorn or for sweets such as cookies, muffins and chocolate?
❏ 7. Do you have difficulty stopping once you start to eat starches, snack foods and sweets?
❏ 8. Do you continue to eat foods that you know are inappropriate, even though you know that their will be negative consequences?
❏ 9. Do you have hunger and/ or tiredness in mid afternoon on a regular basis – a snack makes it better?
❏ 10. Hunger for starches or sweets in response to stress, tiredness or boredom.
❏ 11. Do you find yourself frequently binging or munching at night?
❏ 12. Do you suffer from any of the following: irritability, bouts of fatigue, mood swings, difficulty concentrating or sleeping, anxiety, sadness without a defined cause, foggy thinking.
❏ 13. Do you have, or have you had hypoglycemic symptoms or yeast infections?
❏ 14. Do you have gas or indigestion or take antacids?

If you have checked 4 or more boxes then chances are that you have a sugar sensitivity. Try reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet for 2-3 weeks and notice if there is any change.

DO NOT substitute your sugar for artificial sweeteners, these have been proven to cause cancer and can actually make you put on weight instead of the opposite that they claim. Read my article on aspartame for more information.

This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to diagnose or prescribe any illness or diseases.

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