One of the most important issues New Brunswickers Face.

What I am about to talk about is seriously one of the most important issues that New Brunswickers face and the sad thing is that half of us don’t even know whats going on under our noses.

I’m talking about the highly controversial practice of Hydro-Fracking.  People tend to think this wont involve them but they are planning to go directly under the city of Fredericton.  Fracking causes mass destruction, infact Quebec has stopped allowing hydro-fracking to be done because of how terrible it is.  WE ALL need to voice the need to stop this.

Essentially what they do is insert a pile of highly toxic chemicals into the ground to release pockets of gas, this devastes any eco system around, pollutes water, so if you think you’re safe because you have a well…think again.  It has also been linked to causing earthquakes, serious health issues, underground explosions, methane gas coming out of your tap in your kitchen.

Here are some great links about the issue. Please take the time to read them and decide if this is something you want done literally in your neighbourhood, your families neighbourhoods and the parks and lakes your children play at.

If you haven’t seen the movie Gasland, please take the time to watch it. This is a major issue we are facing and we need more people to stand up for the safety of our beautiful province.

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