Ever heard the word “hypochondriac”? To most this means a person who is continuously running to their doctors or health consultants complaining about seemingly non-existent symptoms. Test after test will show the person to be without illness or disease.

To a Natural health practitioner this is one of our first indications that this person may be suffering from one or more hidden food allergy.

Food allergies can produce just about any symptom in any part of the body often mimicking symptoms of common ailments or illnesses.

The most tell tale sign of food sensitivity is chronic fatigue, other symptoms are:

A weaker immune system
Chronic diarrhea
Intestinal malabsorption
Hives or welts
Irritable bowel
Gall bladder attacks and just about anything you know is not right with your body.

Worldwide the most common food sensitivities are to Dairy products and cereal grains.

The best way to tell if you have a food sensitivity is to eliminate them for at least 2 weeks and see if the symptoms diminish or go away.

It is possible to have an allergy or even an intolerance to a certain food. Even a small amount of this food will be enough to trigger your symptoms. There is no one food that is healthy for everyone.

So try eliminating it, if you need more help contact your health practitioner for more information.

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