Toxic Cookware

Although aluminum is found naturally in generous quantities in the earths crust the compounds found in cooking utensils are not identical to those in nature and therefore have very different effects on our bodies.

Aluminum has been linked to calcium deficiencies, colitis, stomach ulcers, asthma and allergic responses.

Besides contamination of food from pots and pans aluminum also enters the body in baking powders and large amounts of antacids since these usually contain aluminum gels.

The best way to avoid this happening is simple…don’t use aluminum utensils and stay away from baking powders, antacids, and anything canned. It is proven that the more acidic the foods or liquids are the more the aluminum will leach into them.

Ever have a ringing in your ear? This may be a sign that you have an aluminum toxicity level in your body. Eliminate all the things we’ve talked about and see your natural practitioner for advice on a toxic metal cleanse.


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