Prescription drugs in our water? This may shock u!

WATER – Simple.  The best now is a home distiller.  City water
contains not only harmful chemicals but all the pharmaceutical drugs
that the majority of Americans are taking. Not kidding about that,
do your research.  Google – Prescription drugs in the water supply.

Purification plants do not take these drugs out, they only neutralize
infectious organisms (most of the time).  Spring water is ok,  if you
have tested the water yourself.   You can not rely on water companies,
because they lie.  Same with water wells, which are very contaminated
now with pesticides in most areas.  Unless you do an expensive test on
your water, you will not see the pesticides and excreted drugs in there.

If all the chemicals and drugs are not bad enough in your drinking
water, look what the so-called health authorities want to add now!!!

You can hunt around for distillers because the prices vary quit a bit, but
the company I recommend is called Waterwise.  They have tabletops and large
home sized distillers and for us survival types they even have a
distiller that works without power over an outside fire!  They have
great information on their site too.

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