Stressed out?

This could be mental, physical, emotional…basically any form of stress take a major toll on your body. Certain vitamins and minerals can become depleted very easily because of stress. Vitamin B (all of them) are one of the main vitamins that have a direct relationship with stress. Niacin or B3 is the main one of the B’s that has been shown to help in the treatment of mental stress and depression. Because the B vitamins work best when taken together, it’s important to find a B-vitamin complex that includes folic acid.

Another great one is magnesium, because magnesium can be depleted from our system from a number of reasons: stress, antibiotics, birth control pills and diuretics are a few of the main ones. It’s important to eat foods high in magnesium, as often as possible. Whole grains, seafood, soybeans, seeds, oatmeal and rice are high in magnesium.

The best solution for anyone undergoing stress is to take a multi vitamin made from natural sources that includes the vitamins mentioned above and Vitamin c, pantothenic acid and zinc.

Another great stress reliever is exercise, try a yoga or pilates class, get out for a nice walk and don’t forget what friends are for. Talk about it, get it out of your system and you will feel better.

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