Dreams..How to Remember Them

The meaning of dreams have been in question since the dawn of time. While many cultures actually consider their dream lives to be more significant than their waking lives, a more modern/holistic view of dreams recognizes that the dreams have both a physiological and psychological causes.

Modern psychology’s fascination with dreams began with the work of Sigmund Freud who stated that dreams were “the window to the soul”. Freud viewed dreams as expressions of the subconscious mind and safe expressions of buried impulses or desires.

Dreams can sometimes allow us to work out issues in our waking lives. They allow us to view what is being imprinted on our subconscious mind.

As far as nutrition goes Zinc plays a major factor is remembering dreams. When I first starting taking zinc with my multi vitamins I was amazed at the vividness of my dreams and how easy it was to remember them. So if you are having a hard time remembering dreams you may need to increase your zinc intake.

A few other great tips are to:
1. Keep a journal beside your bed as soon as you wake up write down what you remember.
2. As you are getting closer to falling asleep you can repeat over and over, “When i wake up, I will remember my dreams”.
3. When you first wake up don’t move. Stay in the same position, relax your mind and body.

http://www.dreamtree.com/inside/ is a great resource and offers information on lucid dreaming. (A dream where you realize you’re dreaming and have control over what happens). This is amazing, I’ve only been able to do it a few times in my life but It is incredible.

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