Raditation coming right across Canada and the U.S.

Ok, I wanna start by saying that I do not want to scare anyone with this information. However, I do feel it’s really important to protect yourself and since our media is not doing a good job of informing us about what’s really going on. Please do your research on this matter. I have looked into it and from what i can tell it’s not good news.

Radiation has been coming across the ocean and is spreading across Canada and the U.S. Vancouver Island is getting bombarded with soo many radioactive isotopes that they actually shut off the radioactive monitoring stations cause they won’t stop going off. Places like Arizona are 1000 times over the legal limit. This does sound scary and in my opinion is definitely scary but I’m writing this article to let you now there are natural ways to help protect your body from these isotopes.

Iodine and B vitamins are great for protecting and for attaching themselves to the radioactive material in our bodies and helping to flush them out.

Selenium has been shown to offset the negative side effects from radiation therapy so eat One Brazil nut a day. That contains about the same amount of selenium that our body needs daily. Eat more if you like they wont hurt you but you only need one.

Here is one video that I found that shows just one of the hundreds of different radioactive gases coming across the ocean and into North America.


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