Eat Dessert First

If you just can’t help but need some sort of dessert with supper, then eat it first. Generally, desserts contain sugars which is a smaller molecule that once consumed goes right through our stomachs and is actually digested in our small intestine.
Supper is generally filled with starches and proteins which are larger molecules and are digested in the stomach. When you fill your stomach with these larger molecules then coat it with sugar (dessert after dinner) what happens is actually kinda gross. The sugar molecules that shouldn’t spend to much time in your stomach start to turn bad and rancid (burping, upset stomach is caused by this) and it hinders our ability to properly digest all the good food we just ate so if you have to eat dessert then do it about 20-30 mins before supper or wait at least 2 hours after to give your digestive system time to deal with the food in your stomach.

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