Chronically Dry Cracked Lips

This can be soooo annoying!!! Especially now that winter is here we need to protect our lips from the dry, cold weather.

First ask yourself if you are drinking enough water? If your finding your skin (including your lips) is really dry or flaky then I would recommend at least drinking 6-8 glasses of pure water a day. More if you can but to start you need at least this amount.

You can use aloe based lip balm and vitamin e to help seal in the moisture but if this doesn’t do the trick its possible a vitamin deficiency could be causing the problem.

Vitamin B complex with choline and folic acid, along with Vitamin C and Zinc are major contributors to our skin and healing.  100 mgs or Vitamin B, 2000 mg’s of Vitamin C and 50-80 mgs of Zinc should do the trick but to avoid any side effects don’t take these quantities for longer then one month.

If you don’t notice any improvement than seek guidance from you health care practitioner who may be able to suggest something specific for you.

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