A Simple Solution for Keeping off the Winter Hibernation Pounds

Red Cabbage.

It’s as easy as tossing some chopped red cabbage in with your salads, coleslaw and stews. The beautifully coloured, purple vegetable is a major source of anthocyanins, a plant compound proven to shrink existing fat cells and prevent the formation of new ones.

Here are a few more tips:

Get Exercise: Even if you can’t afford a gym membership and don’t want to go outside in the freezing temperatures. Walk around your house, do calf lifts while doing the dishes, lay in bed and do small crunches or meet a friend at a shopping centre and window show while walking around. Any little bit helps.

Drink water: People often forget that it is just as important in the winter as summer to keep your water intake a high.

Stay positive: So what you’ve gained a few pounds unless it’s affecting your health who cares!!! Anyone who truly loves you, loves you for you not your the size 4 you used to fit in so be happy and love you for you! Feeling sad and stressing over every little pound has actually been shown to increase wait through binge eating, eating sugary or fatty “comfort” foods and it makes us lazier! How much easier is it for you to get up and moving when you’re in a good mood?

Stay healthy and happy!



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