Soften Itchy Wool Sweaters

Every have a favorite sweater that looks great, fits you in all the right places but it’s made of wool and therefore soooooo itchy!! Here is an all-natural fix for your itchy but super cute sweaters.

Soak the garment in cold water, gently press out the water, work a liberal amount of organic hair conditioner throughout the fibers and let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse and press out as much water as possible. Lay flat to dry and the next time you wear it enjoy the soft fibers rather than the coarse itchy ones.  Conditioner if formulated for protein based fibers like human hair or wool so it makes the garment softer, gentler and more pliable. Enjoy!!

One thought on “Soften Itchy Wool Sweaters

  1. Interesting advice on washing wool! I’ll try it. As owner of Moose Mountain Trading Company in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I find the fine wool fabrics to be the essential comfort in cold weather, and although some wool is, indeed, very itchy, not all are. Designers are creating wonderful blends of merino wool that is cozy soft, and of course, there is always cashmere! The Steamboat Ski Town Style is sporting a lot of wool clothing from Neve, Krimson Klover, CoVelo and more that that use wonderfully soft wool fibers. See some of my favorites at

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