5 Ways to Keep Calm in A Very Unpredictable World

A recent study done by the American Psychological Association showed that 75% of people don’t take the steps they need to prevent themselves from being continuously stressed out. Here are a few key points to help deal.

1. Stick with a routine – the study showed that as humans we like routine and having any sort of routine helps our brain know there are some constants allowing us to better deal with the unpredictability of life when it happens.

2. Read labels – I preach this all the time. It’s soooo important for every aspect of your health. This study showed that Trans fats promote inflammatory changes in your body which has been heavily linked to depression. Anything that says hydrogenated=trans fats so becareful not to get tricked when trying to avoid these harmful fats.

3. Take a Pill – Omega-3 supplements have been shown to make people less anxious, especially during stressful times. B-vitamin complex is also my personal favorite vitamin for staying cool, calm and collected.

4. Waiting to Exhale – Deep breathing exercises can be useful in any stressful situation. Try inhaling into your belly, holding for 6 seconds and exhaling out all the air by squeezing in your abs. Do this for 10 breaths, 10 times a day.

5. Probiotics are a plus – Having a healthy bacteria in your digestive tract can actual reduce the stress hormone called corticosterone.

Happy Thursday Everyone and I genuinely hope you all have a wonderful day. xo

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