We all know that being stressed causing us to pack on the pounds, some people say they stress eat but it’s really due to our adrenal glands. When you’re stressed these glands will release a hormone called cortisol which makes our bodies store fat in our bellies and thighs. Here are a few solutions to reduce the impact of stress on our bodies:

1. (most important) Reduce the stress – there are many ways to reduce the stress in your life. Try yoga or any form of exercise, meditation, talking it out, kick boxing, whatever you need to do to release that stress. Get up and do it!!

2. Drink lots of water – our entire body including brain depends on water to do even the most basic functions.

3. Vitamins – It’s almost impossible for us to eat the amount of food required to get our daily vitamins, so go to your local health food store and ask the clerk to help you find a multi vitamin from all natural sources. You will feel the difference almost instantly.

4. Eat Oranges or citrus fruits – Citrus fruit has been shown to stop the stress-fat cycle. Try to eat one cup a day, especially during stressful times.

5. Laugh – Laugh everyday, the saying laughter is the best medicine is actually scientifically proven, so watch a funny movie, hang out with people who are positive and have fun!!

6. Last but not least – Don’t sweat the small stuff, life is tooo short to worry and stress over things (especially if we have no control over them). So, when you start to feel stressed ask yourself “Do I have any control over this”. If the answer is no then you’re bringing it on yourself by worrying. Release that worry. If your answer is yes, well then do something about it.


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