GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms

Here’s the thing..there is soo much controversy surrounding Gmo’s that’s it’s kind of hard to write about. Do your research and come up with your own opinions, however as usual I am going to share mine.

Gmo’s are terrible! (I’m usually not one to sugar coat it) Originally the scientists trying so desperately to have gmo’s approved for human consumption said it’s due to the climate and it will solve world hunger. Well almost 10 years later and our world hunger has actual increased and the rate of cancer and diseases continues to arise. If you didn’t guess, I contribute both of these things to genetically modified foods.

Some would call this speculation…this is where I simply say. You have your opinion and i’ll have mine. I have done enough research to know that organisms (food & animals) are healthiest and without disease when unaltered and in their original state and that messing with their composition is dangerous and often results in disaster.I’m not going to give the “our world is crumbling to pieces” story or tell you that you need to go fight your government to ban such products (Although both are very true). I”m simply here to warn you and ask you to avoid these products, for your health and the health of your family.

Here is a great article written by the Health Castle about Gmo’s and how to avoid them and what to look for on labels. READ IT!!! You will thank me in 10-20 years when all these studies are finally released about how bad GMO’s are and the devastation that they have and will cause.

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