Should I or Shouldn’t I mix Vitamins?


There really is no yes or no answer to this question. We would need to start with what it is you are taking. If one is for digestion and the other is a multi-vitamin then I would take the digestion one first then like 30-60 minutes later take the multi.

Our bodies can only absorb so much nutrients so if you took a whole bunch at the same time it might just be a waste.

Most water soluble vitamins would just be peed out. Hence the florescent pee when you take b vitamins, that’s the extra riboflavin coming out, fat soluble vitamins can cause toxicity but only when taken in extremely large doses.

I know a lot of times vitamins will help each other with the absorption like with vitamin c and zinc.

It could be bad is if it’s an extremely high dosage of one vitamin or mineral, it might cause a deficiency of another. Like high dosages of copper would displace zinc causing a zinc deficiency.

But even with all that said, it would be nothing for you to worry about if we are talking about just plain jane multi vitamins even when supplemented with extra stuff. I usually take my multi vitamin, vitamin C, zinc and sometimes garlic/mushroom pills (during high flu season) and I’m totally fine and I never get sick. 🙂

One thing I would like to mention is making sure that your vitamin or minerals come from a natural source. Generally speaking the kinds you can find at your pharmacy or grocery store would not be the kind that I would recommend. These places are getting better with carrying more naturally sourced vitamins, however my opinion is to head to your local health food store and start there.

The information above is geared toward “the general public”. Everyone absorbs and needs different amounts of everything, and no two people would be alike so if you have specific questions I would suggest seeing your alternative health care provider.

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