Sore Muscles from Working Out?

Getting jacked at the gym but dislike having to deal with the sore muscles?

Here are a few easy tips and tricks that can help prevent sore muscles without having to continuously take anti-inflammatory drugs:

1. Drink tart cherry juice – Sipping this antioxidant rich beverage can lessen muscle aches and amp up recovery.

2. Soak in epsom salts – A warm bath with 2 cups of these relaxing salts is the ideal at-home remey for soothing tight muscles.

3. Relax with massage – All that gentle kneading will reduce muscle inflammation.

I dedicate this post to Amy, Dana and Calli who have been doing the 30 day ab challenge. You girls rock!!!!

4 thoughts on “Sore Muscles from Working Out?

  1. Awe thanks Alicia for some super awesome advice!!! We’re still going strong. Amy and I just finished day 13 woot woot!!! And we’re also doing the 30 day squat challenge, day 13 for that aswell!! Yay for getting healthy and just feeling great 😀

  2. My girlfriend and I just started training for our first 1/2 marathon and drinking the cherry juice really does help allot. We bought some from Traverse Bay Farms in Michigan while on vacation over the summer and they actually let us run through the orchards one morning it was a great run.

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