Never Microwave Tim’s Cups

I see people do this all the time and even though it’s none of my business I always have to say something. My co-workers can attest to that.

There are a few reasons why you shouldn’t microwave Tim Horton cups.

1. It says so on the cup. Don’t believe me, have a look, if they are putting a warning on the cup it must be there for a reason.
2. The cup is made of paper and can literally catch fire in the microwave.

3. The cups are lined with a coating which melts into your coffee, but then again who doesn’t enjoy a wax/resin latte with extra foam (btw that’s not whip cream, more like a chemical cocktail)

There is a simple and easy solution, pour your cold coffee into a glass mug and put that into the microwave, trust me your body will thank you.

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