Mood Boosters In One Minute or Less

We all have those days where we just feel “off” especially this time of year with the days being long, cold, and dark. So here are few quick solutions to some common not-so good feelings.

Feeling Achy?

achilles stretch

Try the Achilles Stretch- In addition to stretching your leg muscles, this stimulates acupressure points in your calves and soles of the feet that signal the brain to release pain killing endorphins that can give you quick releif in seconds.

Hold the stair rail for stability, heels hanging over the edge, then drop your heels as low as possible and hold for one minute.

Feeling Tired?


For a quick boost of rejuvenation try an eyelid massage- Massaging the areas’s sensory nerves stimulates the flow of oxygen rich blood to the alerness control center of your brain.

Gently massage around your eyes for 10 seconds, next use small circular motions to apply firm pressure to the bony area just below your brows for at least 30 seconds.


pet cat

The sensation of something cozy touching your skin stimulates teh production of oxytocin- a neurotransmitter that improves out look and mood.

For one minute run your fingers along a soft, fuzzy sweather or blanket. Or Pet one of your animals!!

Hope these help. Enjoy!!

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