How Important is It to Keep Your Make up Brushes Clean? VERY!!


Make up brushes can carry a host of bacteria and dirt from being set down on your bathroom counter to rolling around at the bottom of our make up bags. Then we take them out and rub them all over our faces and eyes. Having a routine with your brush cleaning helps protect you from clogging your pores and causing flair ups on your skin.

Ideally, we would clean our brushes once a week but this day and age it seems as though it’s hard to find time for even the smallest tasks, especially if they are not apart of our routines.

So, my suggestion is at least once a month you should be washing your make up brushes. It’s very easy to do, you can even buy make up brush cleaner but for a cheaper and all natural way to clean them:


How to Do the Deep Clean
Step 1: Rinse bristles under warm water.
Step 2: Fill a bowl with water, adding a dollop of organic/all natural shampoo to the water. Now swirl the brush tips in the water.
Step 3: Swirl the brush in your palm, working up a lather. This friction will help get any hard-to-reach dirt.
Step 4: Rinse the brush tip under running water until all of the shampoo is cleaned off.
Step 5: Towel dry brushes with a cloth.
Step 6: Lay brushes on a cloth to dry. Don’t dry brushes standing upright, since this will cause moisture to seep into the glue that holds the bristles and can lead the hairs to fall out. Because brushes will take at least a few hours to dry, make sure you apply your makeup before cleaning.

Your face is worth it!


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