Can you make a difference this holiday season?


Yes! I’m writing to put a call for help out to anyone who follows me.
My friend Cristina’s mom lives in Equador and has been diagnosed with  lymphoma non hotchkins. There is one hospital that can administer the medicine she needs but the supply for the chemo drug she requires is not readily available, so in order to get the treatment she needs, she has to find and pay for this very expensive medicine.

I had planned on cutting and donating my hair and have been selling tickets to actually snip of my pony tail. All this money will be donated to Cristina’s family.

So, anyone that donates will be entered to be the one to snip of my pony tail and if you donate over $50, you get a gift certificate for a free reiki season with me.

I know money is tight this time of year but everyone can spare 5-10 for a good cause like this.

You can donate here:

Or message me and I’ll pick it up.

We are all one,

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