Holiday Hangover Cures



Holiday Season is upon us and many people will wake up and find themselves needing a “recovery day”. With the in laws coming, kids running around, those 7 dinner parties to attend you may not have an extra day to lay in bed and nurse a hangover so here are some quick fixes to help you get up and get going!!

1. Go for a walk – as rough as it may be at first it will make you feel better. The combination of fresh air, sunshine and exercise are all mood-lifting which will counteract the dopamine crash that results from alcohol withdrawal.

2. Eat food – Alcohol ups your insulin production but your liver is too busy to release the stored glucose= hello nausea!!! Get your blood sugar back on track with a veggie omelet and toast.The antioxidants in the veggie omelet will also help fight the aging free radicals generated by alcohol metabolism.



3. Reduce inflammation = reduced headache – Alcohol metabolization cause inflammation that can make your temples pound!! Try a chilled face mask and gently squeeze the flesh between your thunb and pointer finger for 5 minutes.

4. Drink water – This is the one we all know well but I wanted to throw it in there anyways.



5. Last but not least choose Alcohols that are light in colour, avoid mixing with sugary pops or juices and skip the caffeine added drinks.


Don’t drink and drive this holiday season, let’s keep everyone happy, healthy and safe!!


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