6 Ways to not only survive but conquer and thrive in a relationship with a strong independent person


  1. First of all be super proud of yourself and honoured that this independent person or IP as we’ll call them from now on, has chosen to be with you. Most IPs don’t feel that urge or need to settle down and almost always don’t buy into that “find your one” bullshit. So, if they’re with you, it’s cause they love you or can see the possibility of loving you.
  2. IPs don’t need you. For all the codependent people out there that might be a hard pill to swallow- for comfort read above.


  3. IPs are comfortable and quite content to be alone, trust me when I tell you that most IPs actually find it easier to be alone. They have their routines and schedules and don’t have anyone else’s to try to contend with.
  4. IPs think and will try to do everything themselves, which at some point may make your life a lot easier. Here is the important part. Just because they CAN do it all themselves doesn’t mean they SHOULD. This one can be kinda tricky because IPs have this “if you want it down right, do it yourself” attitude. My advice: continue to be an adult. Pick up after yourself, offer help, don’t start to rely and here is the big one; don’t expect your IP to do everything for you.
  5. IPs will love, love, love their alone time. Don’t take it personal, it’s not that they want time away from you, it’s that they want to be able to shut their brain down and sometimes that requires alone time to immerse themselves in whatever they choose… without distractions. Reading a book, meditation, yoga, watching a mindless TV show. Whatever your IPs chosen alone time activity is, give them that time.
  6. And last but not least, IPs might be harder to “deal” with than other people. They know what they want, and aren’t afraid to go for it, they can make decisions for themselves and sometimes forget to involve you. (See point 4 for explanation)

They can be stubborn, and arguing with them can seem impossible. In those moments be grateful, you have a strong partner, that you have someone that is smart and driven, someone that can make decision on their own and isn’t needy or always relying on you.

heart love

IPs can make wonderful partners and generally more successful in all kinds of ways, making you more successful by osmosis. 😂 be proud of your IP and be proud of yourself for finding a strong independent partner.

Live longer, healthier and happier

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