Holiday Hangover Cures



Holiday Season is upon us and many people will wake up and find themselves needing a “recovery day”. With the in laws coming, kids running around, those 7 dinner parties to attend you may not have an extra day to lay in bed and nurse a hangover so here are some quick fixes to help you get up and get going!!

1. Go for a walk – as rough as it may be at first it will make you feel better. The combination of fresh air, sunshine and exercise are all mood-lifting which will counteract the dopamine crash that results from alcohol withdrawal.

2. Eat food – Alcohol ups your insulin production but your liver is too busy to release the stored glucose= hello nausea!!! Get your blood sugar back on track with a veggie omelet and toast.The antioxidants in the veggie omelet will also help fight the aging free radicals generated by alcohol metabolism.



3. Reduce inflammation = reduced headache – Alcohol metabolization cause inflammation that can make your temples pound!! Try a chilled face mask and gently squeeze the flesh between your thunb and pointer finger for 5 minutes.

4. Drink water – This is the one we all know well but I wanted to throw it in there anyways.



5. Last but not least choose Alcohols that are light in colour, avoid mixing with sugary pops or juices and skip the caffeine added drinks.


Don’t drink and drive this holiday season, let’s keep everyone happy, healthy and safe!!


Can you make a difference this holiday season?


Yes! I’m writing to put a call for help out to anyone who follows me.
My friend Cristina’s mom lives in Equador and has been diagnosed with  lymphoma non hotchkins. There is one hospital that can administer the medicine she needs but the supply for the chemo drug she requires is not readily available, so in order to get the treatment she needs, she has to find and pay for this very expensive medicine.

I had planned on cutting and donating my hair and have been selling tickets to actually snip of my pony tail. All this money will be donated to Cristina’s family.

So, anyone that donates will be entered to be the one to snip of my pony tail and if you donate over $50, you get a gift certificate for a free reiki season with me.

I know money is tight this time of year but everyone can spare 5-10 for a good cause like this.

You can donate here:

Or message me and I’ll pick it up.

We are all one,

Can vinegar really clean as well as the products we buy at the store?

white vinegar

The answer of course is yes, not only does it clean just as well and maybe even better in some cases but Acetic acid (a.k.a. white vinegar) is one of the best disinfectants. Plain white vinegar can even tackle salmonella, E. coli and other bacteria that can cause pneumonia, meningitis, wounds or surgical site infections.

How does it work?

The acid in vinegar crosses the bacteria’s cell membrane, prompting a release of protons, which causes the cell to die.

What about the smell? 

Sometimes the smell of vinegar can be strong while you are using the cleaning product however it’s not harmful like inhaling some other store bought chemical cleaners and the smell will evaporate within a few minutes.

How do I make a cleaner using vinegar? 

Add 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water to a spray bottle, add a few drops of any essential oils and you’ve made an all in one cleaner.

all natural cleaner

What can I clean with using vinegar?


Here are just a couple ways:

  1. Clean your bathtub
  2. Clean your floors and counter tops
  3. Fill your dishwasher rinse agent dispenser with white vinegar.
  4. Soak sweat-stained white clothing in about 1/4 cup of white vinegar and enough water to cover the stain. Leave overnight. Wash with eco-friendly laundry soap.
  5. Soak rusty tools in a pail of white vinegar and brush to clean.

Click here for a great article on 95 ways you never thought to use vinegar.


Live longer, healthier and happier


Top 3 Easy Goals to Set for 2018 (or start right now!)


If it’s a New Year’s resolution or just want to start making better healthy choices for your body and brain, setting goals can be the difference between success or not. One thing to remember is that no matter how many times you don’t meet your goal, there is a lesson in each of these times and DON’T STOP TRYING. YOU WILL GET THERE!!

Here are a couple goals to set for yourself and your family for 2018 (or now!!)


  1. Get on the organic train

The top complaint I hear is how expensive it is and although some items may be a tiny more pricey, you cannot put a price tag on your health.

Organic is not what it used to be and sometimes you may even see the organic choices being sold at a lower price. Check out organic bananas next time you’re in the store.

Even if the price tag is a bit higher, the quality of food and the health benefits  dramatically outweigh the extra cents here and there.

Keep in mind, every time you purchase organic foods, you are casting your vote and the more people who choose these foods, the variety will start to go up and the prices will start to go down.

I’m not only talking about food though, I’m talking about the products we use and allow our families to use. If you read the ingredients in most of the bathroom products we use every day, it may be shocking. Remember that skin is our largest organ and absorbs around 60% of everything we put on it. One of the worst chemicals that is added in many of our cosmetics and body products would be: Parabens

organ body

What are Parabens- these are used as a preservative in many cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, body washes and even added to things we ingest. You might be shocked that you could potentially eat these cancer causing chemicals but it’s actually more harmful for the parabens to be absorbed through your skin. This allows the chemical to bypass the metabolic process and enter the blood stream and body organs intact. Methylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparaben are some of the most common parabens but there are many more but they all generally contain the name paraben. AVOID THESE PRODUCTS!!

Some companies recommend: Dr. Bronner’s, Alba, Green Beaver, Educated Beards, The Best Deodorant in the World.. just to name a few.

educated beards logobestdeodorantgreenbeaver

  1. Recognize the value of exercising

    This is not only for shedding pounds but is also super important in keeping our bodies moving and living a long full life. Exercising allows our bodies to eliminate the toxic build up from our everyday lives and will allow your body to keep moving as you start to age. I’m talking how long you will be able to walk upright without use of a cane or walker. (Trust me future you will thank you). This does not have to be a vigorous 20K run or doing crossfit 8 times a week. Look at what works for you, always keeping injuries and time a big part of your consideration when trying to find activities that work for you.


    Try Yoga, Swimming and Walking. Yoga has so many health benefits for you physically and mentally, swimming can be done by almost anyone regardless of current physical endurance and walking is amazing!! These exercises benefit your heart and work both the upper and lower body but are very gently on your joints. There are no excuses. I promise you, you will never regret adding exercise to your life, even if it’s just adding a couple yoga classes a week or a few 20 min walks.

  2. Make quality time a priority

We all live these lives of constant stress (even if we don’t know it). We are glued to our phones and have become majorly addicted to the endorphin release that happens when we see that someone liked our post, or started following us on Instagram. There is an epidemic happening and of course we can’t completely ignore technology, we have to recognize that it has its place but at home during dinner with our families is not where it belongs.

phone down

Start by setting BOUNDARIES- No phone or electronics at the table, turn the tv off and connect with your family or even yourself. Try to be in the moment. Using mindfulness techniques can really help you fully be in the moment. Limit your TV exposure, instead play a board game or go for a walk. Remember playing eye spy with your parents? I do!! And I loved those things! I still cherish those moments with my mom and so will your children.

famiily time

Time goes fast and I’ve never heard anyone say they wish they hadn’t spent so much time with their family and children but almost everyone says “Life is short”, “It goes so fast”. So take the time while you have it. You’ll never live this day again in your life.



Live longer, healthier and happier


Top 3 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for 2017- including a list of local like-minded businesses.

Now that the holiday season is well underway, the idea of Christmas shopping or finding that perfect gift for someone might seem complicated, especially if they are the “have it all” type. Try one of these eco-friendly gift options!!

reusable produce bagsreusable grocery bag

  1. Reusable produce and grocery bags- millions of this destructible plastic bags are used every year to simply transport our produce, then thrown out to sit in a landfill for hundreds of years. These re-usable produce bags are a fantastic and economic solution to all that garbage…plus make a wonderful gift.

shop local

  1. Shop Locally- There are many small businesses that create unique and affordable gifts. Here are a couple local businesses that have great ethical practices.

    Educated beards- All natural beard products

    Sacred Spirited Soul- Mala Creations

    Anicka Maria- Mandalas and Art

    South Farm Artisans

    Made by this Momma

    Sterling Gale Metalworks

    Jedi Jewellery

think outside teh box

3. Think outside the box – there are many sites that allow you to support a child or family in an impoverish country as a gift, you can also support wildlife or donate to a great cause.

Here are a couple organizations that might be able to help find that unique gift.

Oxfam- Gifts that change lives
WWF- Animal Conservation

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season.

Live longer, healthier and happier.


6 Quick Tips to Stay Healthy During Cold and Flu Season


It’s that time of year again when everyone you know is sick. You’re washing your hands more than normal, increasing your multi vitamins and trying to avoid anyone who looks or sounds like they even have a sniffle.

Here are a few other ways to help keep yourself heathly and feeing great.

1. Whenever anyone in your household or anyone that shares a common space gets sick, make sure to disinfect. I’m not talking by using harsh chemicals all you need is 2 drops of eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle of water. If eucalyptus is not your thing, just plain white vinegar cleans and disinfects just as much as any harsh chemical cleaner you can buy at the store but doesn’t leave your house covered in chemical hazard residue.


2. Get enough sleep- our bodies heal and are rejuvenated during our REM cycles so especially if you feel something coming on or are trying to ward of that bug everyone has make sure you are getting your minimum 7 hours.


3. Eat Garlic- Garlic is the best anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, health promoting food out there! Eat it on everything and eat lots of it. If you are worried that people might think that you smell like garlic don’t worry they are all stuffed up and can’t smell anyways. 🙂


4. Drink lots of filtered water- Water helps flush out toxins so they don’t accumulate and take the attention away from your body being able to fight off any infections, virus’s or bacteria not allowing them to fully exhibit themselves in your bodies resulting in a cold or flu.


5. Exercise- Based on the same principles above sweating removes toxins from your body and also helps increase your metabolic temperature. Bacteria and Virus’s dont thrive in extremely warm temperatures it’s the same reason we get a fever when we have the flu. So get your body heated up however you like running, hot yoga, involve a partner ;), etc..


6. Last one is stay positive, if you start to feel something convince yourself that it’s nothing or even if it is a cold or flu that it’s going to be short lived. Dwelling, complaining and whining will only prolong your illness.

Stay healthy!!