Nutritional Services

Nutritional Assessment: $175.00

This includes a full assessment which allows us to look at your individual needs, goals and any vitamin, mineral or glandular imbalances or deficiencies that may be present. Together we look at some lifestyle factors as well as your diet and eating habits. We then recommend a personalized program to get you on your way to complete body health.


– A full assessment of nutritional imbalances or weaknesses.
– Recommendation sheet for all supplement, dietary and lifestyle suggestions.
– Nutritional education
– Allergy Assessment
– Specific dietary healing techniques
– Detoxification/Cleanse programs
– Phone and email support

Follow–up appointments are $60.00 after the first appointment.

* Assessment appointments are 30-60 minutes to review the assessment and discuss the recommendation sheets and goals.


Nutritional Consultation: $50

General health information is provided along with guidelines for eating healthier and lifestyle changes that can help promote full-body health and general well being.



Assessments and consultations are available online or in-person.

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