Splitting or Cracking Nails- All Natural Solution

egg yolk n olive oil

It’s the time of year when everything is starting to cool down and the dramatic changes in temperatures can cause our nails to get dry and brittle and even split.

Try this all natural recipe to keep your nails healthy and strong all year around.


2 eggs yolks
1 teaspoon of olive or avocado oil

Soak nails for 5-10 mins twice a week.

The biotin in the egg yolk and the triglycerides in the olive oil penetrate the nail bed and work to nourish  and strengthen nails.


Double the Life of Your Razor

This has got to be one of my favorites tricks, it drives me crazy how much razors cost so i did some research and found this awesome little trick to extend the life of your razors. All you need is and old pair of jeans or a piece of denim. After you use the razor a few times, run it along the denim in one direction about 20 times then switch directions and repeat. The denim threads catch and remove blade-dulling debris restoring it’s sharpness.  🙂

Dry Skin and Hair

It’s time again for the change of season, which for most means here comes the dry hair and dry skin. A simple, all natural and very inexpensive way to deal with your hair is olive oil. Transform your dry, dull hair into shiny and healthy by simply adding a few table spoons of olive oil to your hair from root to tip, let sit for 30 minutes then shampoo and condition as normal.

For your skin, make sure you are drinking your 8-10 glasses of purified water (not containing fluoride or chlorine), lotion up after showers and baths and avoid all fried foods. The bad oils from the fried foods will actually displace the good oils your skin needs to stay hydrated and silky smooth.