Sore Muscles from Working Out?

Getting jacked at the gym but dislike having to deal with the sore muscles?

Here are a few easy tips and tricks that can help prevent sore muscles without having to continuously take anti-inflammatory drugs:

1. Drink tart cherry juice – Sipping this antioxidant rich beverage can lessen muscle aches and amp up recovery.

2. Soak in epsom salts – A warm bath with 2 cups of these relaxing salts is the ideal at-home remey for soothing tight muscles.

3. Relax with massage – All that gentle kneading will reduce muscle inflammation.

I dedicate this post to Amy, Dana and Calli who have been doing the 30 day ab challenge. You girls rock!!!!

Yoga/Pilates Classes – December Special and Schedule


Yogalates Class Schedule for the month of December 2012:

Mondays: 6pm & 7pm
Tuesdays: 6pm & 7 pm
Wednesdays: 6pm & 7pm
Saturdays: 4pm & 5pm
Sundays: 11am & 12pm

December special:

Get a group of 3 together and I will do a private class just for the 3 of you….and your costs are discounted from just $10 per class to $8.00!!!

Call or text me (506) 260-0927 or email to book your spot today.


Getting the “Winter’s on it’s way” Blues?

Here are a couple simple and yummy things you can do to help fight feeling down just before and during the winter.

1. Eat Salmon – A whopping 90 percent of women will have a Vitamin D deficiency during fall and winter. Yes, 90%, 9 out of 10!! Salmon is packed full of Vitamin D and Omega 3’s that boost the vitamin’s absorption by 50% and help keep away the winter and fall blues.

2. Eat Nuts – Specifically Macadamia nuts, due to lack of exposure to the sun our natural anti-depressant hormone serotonin levels drop during fall and winter. Just 2 ounces or Macadamias a day contain enough tryptophan to stimulate serotonin production leaving you feeling happy and healthy within days!!